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Jonathan Haslam Counselling

Hello, I’m Jonathan Haslam.

Thank you for visiting my website and for coming along to discover more about how, working with the right professional for you, you may be able to find support with your current challenges of daily living, find direction, or prevent past events from stopping you living the future you would like to. 

Do you feel you 

  • have come to a crisis point?

  • are affected by a life-changing event?

  • are experiencing feelings of isolation, loneliness, grief, depression or anxiety?

  • are experiencing low self-esteem, self-destructive behaviours or feeling anger, shame or guilt?

  • are trapped, bored or lacking in any sense of direction?

  • are experiencing negative issues in a significant relationship? 


These are some issues that people often need to talk about with someone else, without fear of causing worry to others about the way you’re feeling. You may also feel that anything you have been able to do previously to help manage these issues is no longer working in a positive way for you.


This is the time that you may wish to make a connection between yourself and a counsellor. 

Finding and forming a suitable alliance with a counsellor in a safe space, where you are able to explore your feelings, emotions and experiences, is an investment in yourself that can also help to avoid longer-term, life-affecting problems. 


I am a person-centred counsellor/psychotherapist, fully trained and qualified through clinical practice, with a Foundation Degree in Counselling and Psychotherapy from the University of Derby, and a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP). 

I can work with you to create a therapeutic relationship that will challenge you in a positive and non-aggressive way, that will allow you to gain valuable personal insight, in an environment where you will feel comfortable to talk freely and at your own pace, and where you will feel listened to. 


If you feel that working with me is the right fit for you, you should be surprised by what you can achieve to feel better. I am very proud that my clients choose to stay and continue to work with me. 


Please do go on and take a look at the About page of my site to find out more about me and my approach, as well as my Service page to find out about the range of counselling services that I offer and how to benefit from my 30 minute free discovery sessions. 

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