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I am are proud to say that my clients are my number one focus, that they are always treated as individuals, and that it is important that we connect well with each other to work together successfully.

It is also a privilege that many of my clients choose to work with me over a period of time to

achieve results, or they choose to return to work with me if they feel they need it. 


Please take a look at what a selection of my clients have had to say about working with me. 

“I feel calmer, stronger and more able to cope. I have found my experience profoundly transformative. When I first came, I was desperate for someone to talk to and to get some perspective on my situation. I got what I wanted and a great deal more.

When I first came, I was incredibly stressed, overwhelmed and anxious. Over the months I readily feel coming regularly and sharing my story has brought me to a much better place and I’ve gained a much healthier perspective on my problems.”

“I felt free to talk, to feel at ease. I felt safe to talk about things that are on my mind. I really appreciated the experience to talk about my feelings and thoughts and not be judged.”

“Awesome. Excellent. In comparison to previous counselling, it was much better and I was able to discover my true process and uncover my true problems. Have improved in personal insight and understanding; exploration and expression of feelings and problems; improved control, decision-making day-to-day functioning, and personal relationships.”

“I feel very comfortable with Jonathan, even when discussing uncomfortable topics or even female-specific issues. I find him very easy to talk to and the experience has been so helpful. I have really enjoyed working with Jonathan and have found it to be a hugely positive experience. I was in a very dark place when I first met him, but I have found it so helpful to be able to talk to him and work through problems. I know this has made a massive difference to my wellbeing.”

“Jonathan was very responsive and understanding of the situation, and not pushy at all. He was very understanding to changing circumstances, he maintained good communication throughout. Working with Jonathan not only helped me, it also helped my wife by improving our relationship, improving communication and developing strategies to work through difficult times. By attending and partaking in counselling I have learnt a lot about myself and feel more positive going forward. I have more control over my feelings and reactions and in turn makes so many other areas of life better and easier.”

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