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Abuse & Trauma

Maybe this could be the first time that you have shared your experience with somebody. I feel it is my role to create a feeling of safety and acceptance. 


Abuse is not limited to, but can include, child/sexual abuse, physical abuse, mental abuse and can include more subtle forms such as gaslighting and financial control. 


When abuse happens in childhood, the victim is denied the optimum environment and support that they need in order to become a fully functioning adult. It is also very common for abuse survivors to feel, in part, that they may have deserved what happened to them, or that you feel so angry and have nowhere to put that anger, which leads to feelings of anxiety and depression.


My approach is to provide a safe space with a non-directive and empathetic approach, supporting survivors to develop self-empathy.


I help you to build a place where you can regard yourself more positively.

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