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Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety is an awareness that who you are and the life you are living isn’t what you want, or isn’t how you see yourself. You’re not sure how you ended up in the situation you are in.

Awareness of this unhappy, unfulfilling situation can develop into all-consuming feelings of hopelessness, which in essence is depression. 


Often the two terms are thrown together and used interchangeably, which is a misconception perpetuated by the media and social media.


While it is very common for somebody suffering from one to also suffer from the other, it can be difficult to determine which came first and therefore which to address first in order to find some relief.


My approach is to work to empower you to understand and hopefully organise these thoughts so that you can put them into context and develop new approaches to your mental health and wellbeing.


My approach is that I take you as I find you, I offer empathy, understanding and honesty. I feel it is key that we always work at your pace, and that your experience is recognised as unique.

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